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Exercise Routines to Burn Calories

Here are a few guidelines about what type of exercise and fitness training works best to help you to get fit, increase your strength, burn calories and lose body fat.

Best Form of Cardiovascular (Cardio-Aerobic) Training

Walking and swimming are probably the best type of aerobic exercise to raise heart rate and improve cardiovascular and respiratory function. According to a major health and fitness study of 73,743 women, participants who walked 2.5 hours a week (roughly 20 minutes a day) reduced their cardiovascular risk by about 30 percent. A regular swim also provides a range of heart and breathing improvements.

Best Type of Strength-Training Exercise

Using freeweights, in combination with a range of weight machines in your local gym, is probably the best type of resistance or strength-training program. If you can't get to a gym, and prefer exercising at home, combine hand-weights with exercises in which your muscles work against gravity: such as, crunches (to strengthen abs) press-ups or push-ups - to work the triceps (upper-arm), pectoral musles (chest), latissimus dorsi (back and shoulder) as well as the abdominal muscles - and chin-ups. Weight-bearing aerobic activities, like running, tennis, squash, football, plyometrics and skiing will also improve muscular strength and endurance.

Best Type of Calorie Burning Exercise for Weight Loss

Aerobic activity is the best type of exercise to burn calories. Any continuous aerobic exercise, sustained for longer than 20 minutes at the correct heart-rate, will burn fat. As a rough rule of thumb, the higher the intensity the more fat calories will be burned. But aerobic training and instant calorie-expenditure is only part of the picture. Effective weight loss over the long-term requires you to raise your resting metabolic rate (how fast you burn calories while at rest) so that you can continue to burn extra calories when your workout is over. Although aerobic exercise raises metabolism, strength-training - esp. lifting weights - is also very important for this. So the best weight loss exercise program alternates aerobic training with resistance training.

Best Type of Bodybuilding Exercise

Lifting weights as part of a high-intensity weight-training program, incorporating proper recovery periods, under the supervision of a trained physical fitness or muscle-building instructor, is probably the best way to develop bigger muscles. Unsupervised or unplanned bodybuilding training, in which you simply lift heavy dumbells and barbells, are not likely to be safe and may cause muscle tear and strain.

Best Type of Exercise for Overweight Individuals

If you suffer from serious obesity, swimming or water-aerobics is probably the best and safest type of fitness workout. Swimming has two benefits. First, it is a non weight-bearing activity - meaning, your body weight is not supported by your legs, there is therefore less risk of muscle or joint strain. Second, swimming is high in resistance because moving limbs through water is 12 times harder than out of water, so it benefits muscle strength and endurance.

Best Type of Exercise for Fitness Rehabilitation

Swimming is also very good for rehabilitating muscles, joints and bones, after suffering injury problems or strains. Training in water imposes far less stress on the body than regular physical activities.

Best Total-Body Exercise

Circuit-training is probably the best type of all-over exercise for general fitness. It's a very flexible type of workout, and it's cardio-aerobic or strength-training content can easily be varied. Home exercise, using BandFlex® or BowFlex® home gyms may offer a similar circuit-training type of fitness workout on a reduced scale.

Best Indoor Exercise Equipment

The treadmill is probably the best piece of indoor fitness equipment, for calorie-burning. In a special trial, at 'reasonably hard' resistance levels, treadmill walking/jogging expended 700 calories per hour, while stair stepping averaged 627, rowing 606, skiing 595, dual-action cycling 509, and regular biking 498 calories. Treadmill walking works the glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings and calf muscles, while jogging or power-walking also works the upper body. Using a stair stepper, rowing ergometer or dual-action bike is also very effective for both calorie expenditure and general fitness training.

Best Exercise Routines for Pregnant Women

The best type of exercise to perform during pregnancy is low-impact, low or non weight-bearing exercises, including:

- Pre-natal aerobics, yoga or pilates classes.
- Swimming (excellent for Moms-to-be).
- Walking, steady dancing or steady hiking.
- Stationary cycling, stepping.

In general, the less strenuous and stressful the exercise, the better it is likely to be for pregnancy. So, workouts involving sudden jerk-like movements, or over-stretching, or intense exertion, or excessive weight-resistance, are likely to be too risky for the health of you and your baby.
For more: see Best Exercise in Pregnancy

Best Exercise Workout for Health and Safety

Any healthy fitness workout should start with 5-10 minutes of light exercise, followed by gentle stretches. Warming up for 15-20 minutes is even better. All fitness studies show that warm-ups are essential to prepare muscles and the heart for vigorous activity. In addition, all workouts should end with a cooling-down period, to extend muscles, reduce muscle-soreness and relax the heart. Like warm-ups, cool-downs should include 5-10 minutes of gentle exercises and stretches.

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