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Best Time of Day to Exercise

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Best Time of Day to Exercise: When to Workout?

Best Time to Exercise

Cardio-Aerobic Exercise After Midday

A number of studies have shown that the aerobic system works better in the afternoon than the morning. Therefore optimum performance is more likely in the afternoon.

Why Afternoon is Better for Exercise Workouts

There are several reasons why aerobic workouts are best performed after midday. The body's metabolism is more active and muscles are more stretched and warmed up after midday. Mental alertness to physical exercise is also greater. So exercise classes and athletic events are best scheduled in the afternoon.

Best Time to Exercise Still a Personal Choice

Even if the human body works better later in the day, it may not be practical to do your fitness training at this time. Also, you may prefer to exercise first thing in the morning. If so, that's fine. It really doesn't matter when or what time you workout, as long as you take some regular exercise. Even so, it's best to schedule your workouts for a time when there is little chance that you will have to cancel them because of other demands on your time.

Best Time to Train for Athletic Event

For optimum peak performance in a specific athletic event, it's best to train at the same time that the event is held. So (eg) if the event is held from 3-4PM, this is the best time to do your training exercise.

Allow for Eating and Weather Conditions

Don't exercise strenuously during extreme hot or humid weather. Or within two hours after eating. Both heat and/or digestion make heavy demands on the circulatory system, and are likely to affect comfort and performance.

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