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Health Benefits of Cardiovascular Exercise
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Health Benefits of Cardiovascular Exercise

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Health Benefits of Cardiovascular Exercise

Benefits of Cardio Training

What Are the Benefits of Cardio-Aerobic Exercise?

The Cardiovascular System comprises the heart and the blood vessels through which blood is pumped and circulated through the body. Cardiovascular (cardio/aerobic) exercise aims to strengthen the heart and improve the respiratory system of the body during exercise. Note: Sedentary people are over 5 times more likely to die from heart disease than those who fit moderate levels of exercise into their daily routine. (US Framingham Study)

Health Benefits of Cardio Training

Provided you exercise at the right heart rate, the direct and indirect physical benefits of cardio-aerobics include:

- Lower risk of early death.
- Increased lung capacity.
- Reduced risk of heart disease
- Reduced risk of diabetes.
- Reduction in blood pressure.
- Reduction in blood cholesterol.
- Stronger bones.
- Better blood glucose control.
- Reduction in stress levels.
- Enhanced immune system.
- Weight loss/better weight control.
- Improved body fat percentage.
- Better appetite control.
- Raised metabolic rate.

Mental Benefits of Cardio Exercise

Aerobic exercise also improves emotional or mental health, as well as physical health. Vigorous exercise releases endorphins - the so-called 'happiness chemicals' - thus helping to improve mood and general wellbeing.

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