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Dairy Foods - Calories and Diet Nutrition
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Diet Nutrition and Calories in Dairy Foods

Dairy Foods - Calories and Diet Nutrition

This food group includes milk, cheese and yogurt, (but not butter, margarine or cream, which sit in the Fatty and Sugary food group). The foods in this group contain many different kinds of nutrients, but they're particularly rich in calcium.

The Importance of Calcium

Calcium is a mineral that strengthens your bones and teeth and ensures that everything runs smoothly with your muscles and nerves. It's especially important for growth, and calcium can continue to add to the strength of your bones until you reach the age of 30-35. Around this time, peak bone mass is reached.

After this point, as a natural part of the ageing process, bones lose their density and grow weaker. If you haven't had enough calcium in your diet prior to this, there's an increased risk that your bones won't be strong enough to cope with any weakening, which can result in the brittle bone disease, osteoporosis.

Health professionals estimate that one in three women and one in ten men suffer from osteoporosis, and there's concern that the diets of teenage girls and young women, in particular, aren't high enough in calcium. Some experts predict that the future could bring an osteoporosis epidemic in women.

For Optimum Nutrition and Calorie Control
Eat 700mg Calcium from Dairy Foods

The UK Department of Health recommends that both men and women get 700mg of calcium every day to ensure good health. Realistically, this means:

- A pint of milk
- 2 small tubs of plain or fruit yogurt
- Roughly 3.5oz (80g) of hard cheese

Calcium, Calories and Weight Reduction

The good news is that, if you're concerned about your weight, getting the calcium you need doesn't have to mean eating or drinking full fat foods. There's exactly the same amount of calcium in lower-calorie fat-free milk as there is in whole milk. The same goes for low fat yogurt and reduced fat cheese. So you don't have to buy their full fat counterparts to look after your bones.

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Sources include: BBC Health (London), US Dept of Agriculture

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