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How Diet Pills are Tested

How Diet Pills are Tested

Diet pills are tested by researchers on obese or very overweight patients in tests called clinical trials.

Clinical Trials of Diet Pills

During these diet pills trials, subjects are typically divided into separate groups and given either a dosage of the weight loss pill being tested, or a placebo (a non-active sugar pill).

Blind Trials of Diet Pills

Patients who take part in a blind weight loss trial, don't know in advance whether they are being given diet pills or placebos.

Double-Blind Trials of Diet Pills

An even more accurate weight loss trial is what is called 'a double-blind weight loss trial'. In this case, neither the patients NOR the trial-staff (doctors/researchers) know in advance who is being given diet pills or placebos. A double blind trial of weight loss pills is a very secure way to determine how safe and effective the diet pills or weight loss supplements are for weight loss.

Difference Between Prescription vs, Nonprescription Diet Pills

All prescription drugs, prescription diet pills or prescription weight loss pills are legally required to undergo a variety of clinical trials before receiving FDA approval for use by overweight patients. By comparison, nonprescription diet pills, weight loss pills or weight loss supplements available over-the-counter are not required to undergo any clinical weight loss trials before (or during) release. No prior FDA approval is required for these diet pills.

User-Surveys of Weight Loss Pills and Diet Supplements

Manufacturers of weight loss supplements and diet pills frequently cite details of user-surveys: (eg. "In a recent test, users of our diet pills lost x amount of weight..") These user-surveys cannot be compared to clinical weight loss trials.


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