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Physical Exercise for Treatment of Obesity

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Health Problem of Obesity

The public health problem of overweight and obesity is growing larger. Recent USA weight statistics indicate that more than 1 in 3 American adults are seriously overweight (obese). Obesity in teenagers is so serious that doctors are now using bariatric surgery procedures on teens. Furthermore, obesity (now the No 2 cause of premature death) is linked to the rise in type 2 diabetes, reflected in the emergence of a new word: "diabesity".

Exercise Program: Vital in Obesity Treatment

The role of physical activity in relation to overweight or obesity and health status is mentioned in most reports and recommendations on obesity treatment, but has not received appropriate emphasis. The facts are, that physical fitness reduces the risk of weight gain over time, is useful in weight loss programs, appears to be crucial in maintaining weight loss, and provides health benefits to overweight and obese individuals. Indeed, weight research data suggests that low fitness levels, caused by sedentary living habits, is more important than obesity as a predictor of mortality.

Best Type of Exercise Program to Reduce Obesity

Aerobic exercise is the better form of fitness training to burn calories and body fat. However, while cardio-aerobic workouts burn calories faster, anaerobic exercise - such as strength training, weight-training or resistance workouts - are also important to raise resting metabolic rate and reduce weight in the long term. Lifting weights or circuit-training are also effective for improving muscle-to-fat ratio and lowering body-fat-percentage. All in all, regular exercise helps weight loss. That said, calorie-control is crucial for any weight loss program, so obesity is best treated with a combination of a weight-reducing exercises and a healthy calorie-controlled diet.

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