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Exercise Programs and Equipment to Burn Fat Tissue

Exercise to Burn Fat

Physical Exercise and Equipment to Lower Body Fat Percentage

Here is a list of mini-articles on the calorie-burning effects of various fitness routines, to help you gauge how much body fat you can lose during the course of 12 months. As well as reducing your fat-percentage, all these exercise workouts routines raise metabolic rate, increase stamina and health, and build muscles, including the abs, pecs, quadriceps and biceps.

List of Fat Reduction Workouts and Exercise Equipment

Burn Fat Aerobic Dancing
Burn Fat Aerobic Exercises
Burn Fat Cardio-Aerobic
Burn Fat High Impact Aerobic Exercises
Burn Fat Low Impact Aerobic Exercises
Burn Fat Step Aerobic Program
Burn Fat Water Aerobic Program

Burn Fat Biking
Burn Fat Cycling
Burn Fat Dual Action Bikes
Burn Fat Exercise Bikes
Burn Fat Recumbent Bikes
Burn Fat Stationary Bikes
Burn Fat Stationary Cycles
Burn Fat Studio Cycle (Spinning)

Burn Fat Ab Crunches
Burn Fat Ab Curls
Burn Fat Ab Exercise
Burn Fat Ballet Program
Burn Fat Baseball
Burn Fat Basketball
Burn Fat Bodybuilding
Burn Fat Bowling
Burn Fat Boxing
Burn Fat Calisthenics Exercises
Burn Fat Canoe
Burn Fat Circuit-Training
Burn Fat Crosstraining
Burn Fat Dance Program
Burn Fat Elliptical Training
Burn Fat Football
Burn Fat Golf
Burn Fat Gym Exercise
Burn Fat Gymnastics
Burn Fat HealthRider
Burn Fat Hiking Program
Burn Fat Home Exercise
Burn Fat Horse Riding
Burn Fat Ice Hockey
Burn Fat Ice Skating
Burn Fat Inline Skating
Burn Fat Jogging Program
Burn Fat Judo

Burn Fat Jumping Rope
Burn Fat Kickboxing
Burn Fat Leg Exercise
Burn Fat Line-Dancing
Burn Fat Muscle Building
Burn Fat Pilates Program
Burn Fat Pilates (Winsor)
Burn Fat Power Walking
Burn Fat Push-Ups
Burn Fat Quadriceps Exercise
Burn Fat Raquetball
Burn Fat Rebounder
Burn Fat Resistance Training
Burn Fat Roller Blading
Burn Fat Rowing
Burn Fat Rowing Machine
Burn Fat Running Program
Burn Fat Skiing
Burn Fat Skiing Machine
Burn Fat Skipping w/Rope
Burn Fat Snowboarding
Burn Fat Snowshoeing
Burn Fat Softball
Burn Fat Squash
Burn Fat Stairmaster
Burn Fat Step Exercises
Burn Fat Stepper
Burn Fat Strength Training
Burn Fat Stretching Muscles/Joints
Burn Fat Surfing
Burn Fat Swimming Program
Burn Fat Tae Bo
Burn Fat Tai Chi
Burn Fat Tennis
Burn Fat Thigh Exercise
Burn Fat Trampolining
Burn Fat Treadmill
Burn Fat Volleyball
Burn Fat Walking
Burn Fat Weight-Lifting
Burn Fat Weight-Training
Burn Fat Weights
Burn Fat Wrestling
Burn Fat Yoga (Ashtanga)
Burn Fat Yoga Program

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