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Elliptical Trainer Exercise Equipment

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Review of Elliptical Trainer

Elliptical Trainer Exercise Machines

What are Elliptical Trainers?

Elliptical trainers (also called Crosstrainers) are a popular type of cardio-aerobic exercise machines. They are used in most gyms or fitness/health studios and many home gyms. By combining stair stepping motions with cross-country skiing, ellipticals provide a great low-impact workout. Some elliptical machines include poles that can be maneuvered with the arms while the legs are in motion, similar to cross-country exercise machines. This option increases the amount of muscle mass used to perform the exercise.

How to Use Elliptical Trainers?

1. Adjust the machine to suit your size and range of movement.

2. Become familiar with any programming features such as exercise time, distance goal, resistance level, speed level and caloric expenditure.

3. Maintain a good posture when using elliptical trainers. Shoulders should be back, head up and slightly forward, chin up and abdominal tight.

4. Look forward, not down at your feet. Do not grip the handrails too tightly.

5. Make sure that your weight is evenly distributed and that your lower body supports the majority of your weight. Relax and maintain a good stride.

How to Buy Elliptical Trainers/Crosstrainers?

Elliptical trainers can vary in size and movement range, so when buying an elliptical or crosstrainer, use the following checklist of questions:

- Do the pedals comfortably fit your feet?
- Do you move comfortably as you exercise?
- Are there hand rail supports to maintain posture?
- Is the elliptical manufacturer reliable?
- Does the elliptical trainer come with a warranty?
- Is the elliptical's instruction manual easy to read?
- Is the machine sturdy and easy to assemble?
- Do you have adequate assembly or storage space?
- If needed, do you have the proper power supply?
- Does the elliptical machine require calibration?
- How often does the trainer have to be serviced?
- Is the noise level of the trainer acceptable?
- Does the control panel offer useful information?

What's the Cost of Elliptical Trainers?

Elliptical/crosstrainer machines vary greatly in price, according to the quality and durability of the trainer. Price Guide: Anything between $300.00 and $1000 for a reasonable elliptical trainer for home use.

Elliptical Trainer Exercise Equipment

Elliptical Trainer machines improve health and fitness, build muscle tissue, and develop a leaner body shape. They also help to raise metabolism and may also help to develop a flat stomach. To lose fat tissue, and reduce weight, workouts using Elliptical Trainers need to be combined with a calorie-controlled diet. Because unless you create a calorie deficit, you can't burn fat and therefore lose weight.

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