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Review of Heart Rate Monitor

Heart Rate Monitor

Why is Heart Rate Important for Exercise?

Over-intense fitness workouts may cause fatigue, dehydration even injury. While insufficiently intense exercise may greatly reduce your health or weight-reduction benefits. The most effective way to reach and maintain your optimum workout rate (exercise intensity), is to monitor your heart-rate (or pulse) in order to remain within your target-heart-rate zone.

What is a Heart Rate Monitor?

As the name suggests, a heart rate monitor measures heart beats. It consists of a chest strap transmitter which is worn around the chest across the heart. The transmitter detects the heart-beat rather like an electro-cardiogram. The heart-rate is relayed to a display unit which is worn on the wrist, like a wristwatch. Some heart rate monitors transmit the results orally via earphones (eg. Heartalker models). A heart-rate monitor is the easiest and most accurate way to measure your heart rate while performing an exercise workout.

Different Types of Heart Rate Monitor

Basic Monitor
Typically displays beats per minute. Ideal for exercise beginners. Price Guide: $30.00-$100.00

Weight Loss Monitor
These heart-rate monitors typically include weight-related, fat-burning type calculations, and perform calorie calculations on calories burned during your exercise workout. Price Guide: $50.00-$130.00

Advanced Monitor
These heart-rate monitors permit greater customization and offer more features - like heart-rate zone alarm - to permit the dedicated fitness person to monitor fitness goals and heart recovery rate. typically, they also function as a stopwatch. Price Guide: $80.00-$300.00

Athlete-Level Monitor
This type of heart-rate monitor provides detailed fitness information with memory data storage and a range of features, including: average heart rate, lap times, and may be set to monitor multiple heart-rate targets. Some of these sophisticated heart-rate monitors have computer interfaces for transfer of fitness, heart-beat and other physiological data. Price Guide: $100.00-$400.00

Who Benefits From a Heart Rate Monitor?

Anyone who wants to get maximum benefits from their exercise workout, or who wants to lose weight, or who has specific athletic performance goals, will derive considerable benefits from buying a heart rate monitor.

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