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Polar Heart Rate Monitor

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Review of Polar Heart Rate Monitor

Polar® Heart Rate Monitors

Benefits of a Fitness Heart Rate Monitor

The most effective way to maintain the optimum workout rate (exercise intensity) for your fitness level or athletic goals, is to monitor your heart-rate (heart-beats per minute) in order to remain within the proper target-heart-rate zone. Polar® is the world's leading manufacturer of wireless heart rate monitors and offers a full range of ECG models. The chest transmitter of the Polar Heart Rate Monitor detects the electrical impulses of the heart and transmits them to the wrist receiver.

Polar Heart-Beat Monitors for Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts

Polar is the leading brand of heart rate monitors. Polar heart rate monitors are designed to provide a personal solution for anyone striving to achieve a fitness or athletic performance goal. Polar offers three series, so there is a model to fit your individual exercise needs, no matter what level. Polar Heart Rate Monitors are the choice of world class athletes, medical institutions, research facilities as well as leading health and fitness exercise equipment manufacturers.

List of Polar Heart Rate Monitors & Prices

Polar A Series
This entry-level series simplifies heart rate monitoring for the beginner and is designed for easy integration into everyday exercise.
Price Guide: $50.00-$100.00

Polar M Series
The Polar M-Series of heart-beat meters gives the dedicated exerciser everything they need to reach their fitness goals. Exclusive features like OwnIndex, OwnCal and OwnZone will help turn any activity into an effective workout.
Price Guide: $139.99-$249.99

Polar S-Series
Polar takes heart and personal performance monitoring for the serious athlete to a new level. For the first time ever, a heart rate monitor will provide critical data like V02 max and nutrition expenditure along with training conditions like temperature and altitude. Your monitor links to your computer so you can analyze your performance data.
Price Guide:$179.99 to $379.99

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