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Review of Treadmill


What is a Treadmill?

Fitness treadmills look like conveyor belts. They are designed to give users a good indoor cardio-aerobic workout by walking, jogging or running. You walk/run on the same spot, the treadmill-surface moves, so you experience the motion of walking/running without actually moving forwards. Despite the rise of other fitness equipment such as the elliptical-trainer, and the increasing varieties of exercise bike, the treadmill is still number one when it comes to indoor exercise-workouts.

Use a Treadmill for Effective Cardio Exercise

A gym treadmill is highly effective for a total cardiovascular workout. Good for all types of fitness levels, it burns more calories than most other gym apparatus, and several studies (including one by the American Medical Association) have shown that training on a treadmill produces significant cardio-respiratory benefits, especially when the walker/runner works the upper-body through arm movements.

Treadmill Machines Also Develop Muscle

Aside from it's aerobic benefits, a treadmill works the large muscle-groups in your body, like the butt gluteal muscles (Gluteus Maximus, Gluteus Medius, Glutus Minimus) and the thighs (quadriceps and lower-thigh muscles). No wonder consumers spend more money on treadmills then any other home exercise equipment.

Treadmill Programs and Information Feedback

Most good quality treadmills have controls to adjust incline as well as speed, and the display console typically provides feedback on speed, distance covered, calories burned, and sometimes heart-monitoring data.

Guidelines for Buying a Treadmill

(1) Wait until you can afford a good quality machine. If you intend to workout regularly, buy a good quality motorized treadmill and avoid manual machines or budget motorized versions. The cheaper the treadmill, the shorter it's lifespan and the less fitness benefits it's likely to offer.

(2) Make sure you have enough space for the machine. An average treadmill requires about 30-35 square feet. Also, check power outlet availability.

(3) The treadmill motor should be at least 1.5 horse power. The motor is the core element of the treadmill and should be covered by a good warranty. Treadmills that have a more powerful motor are typically more robust and have better-sized belts and other benefits, like better information display, emergency stop button, and a wider range of controls. Price Guide:: About $800.00-$1500.00 for a reasonable motorized machine.

Treadmill and Weight Control

Treadmill machines improve health and fitness, build muscle tissue, and develop a leaner body shape. They also help to raise metabolism and may also help to develop a flat stomach. To lose fat tissue, and reduce weight, workouts using Treadmills need to be combined with a calorie-controlled diet. Because unless you create a calorie deficit, you can't burn fat and therefore lose weight.

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