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Review of Weights and Weight Training Equipment

Weights for Strength-Training

Types of Weights

There are 2 basic types of weights - those attached to a machine and those which are not attached to a machine - known as free weights, dumbells or hand-weights.

Weight Machines

Weight machines provide an efficient and safer alternative to lifting free weights. Efficient, because they are designed to work specific muscles, so by moving from one weight machine to another as part of your circuit-training you can work all your main muscle groups. Safer, because they are held by pulleys and cables locked into a track. So if you falter when lifting, the weights won't fall and injure you.

Free Weights

Free weights are less efficient - at least for novice weight-lifters - although more convenient as they can be used at home. Using free weights for a few minutes every day, helps to build muscle-fitness, improve body shape and raise metabolism for better weight loss. Bodybuilders (male and female) use freeweights to build their huge muscles and achieve their unique body-sculpture. Dumbells are available in a wide range of different weights. The least expensive option is to buy the classic cast iron dumbells. Chrome dumbells are attractive and comfortable to use, but typically cost several times more than the cast iron type of weights. Price Guide: (cast-iron) About 50 cents per pound.

Personal Weights

These include leg and wrist weights along with water-filled ankle weights, all of which are typically used for muscle/joint therapy and rehabilitation.

Weights and Weight Loss

For best results, workouts using Weights need to be combined with a calorie-controlled diet. Because unless you create a calorie deficit, you can't burn fat and therefore lose weight.

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