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Abdominal Exercises

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Guide to Abdominal Exercises

Guide to Abdominal Exercises

What Are Abdominal (Abs) Muscles?

The abdominal muscles, more commonly known as "Abs", are a group of four muscles. They include: (1) the rectus abdominus, a muscle that runs vertically from the rib-cage to the pubic bone; (2) the transverse abdominus, an ab muscle which runs horizontally across the torso; (3) the external oblique, a muscle that runs diagonally from the hips to the rib; (4) the internal oblique, a muscle running along the front and side of the torso. These four ab muscles shape the torso and help to hold in the stomach and other organs.

What Goes Wrong with Ab Muscles?

The abdominal muscles are stretched, especially the lower abs, during pregnancy. The ab muscles lose more strength and elasticity with each pregnancy. The drop in estrogen during menopause can also cause the stomach to protrude. Bad posture and sitting at a desk all day is also a factor.

Better Ab Muscles After 4 Weeks Exercise

It is important to work all the abs, upper and lower, to get the best results. The good news is that the abdominal muscles respond quickly to exercise and you should see results in less than 4 weeks.

List of Fitness Exercises

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