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Leg-Raise Exercises

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Guide to Leg-Raises and Leg Raising Exercises

Guide to Leg Raises

Basic Leg Raising Exercises

Leg raises develop the main butt, thigh and leg muscle groups of the lower body.

Leg Raises Develop Butt Muscles

Butt muscles include: the gluteus maxiumus (the large muscle that spans our rear end) which helps straighten the leg behind us, and helps us to stand up from a sitting position, as well as the gluteus medius (located above the gluteus maximus) and the glutus minimus (below the gluteus maxiumus), which both keep the pelvis steady.

Leg Raises Develop Thigh Muscles

Leg raises help to strengthen nearly all the thigh muscles. The front of the thighs are made up of a group of muscles called the quadriceps - or more commonly called "quads". The largest muscle on the front thighs is the rectus femoris, the big muscle that runs down the center of the thigh. The vastus lateralis is a large muscle running down the outer thigh and the vastus medialis is a smaller muscle just above the knee. The inner thigh muscles include adductor longus, magnus, satorius and gracillis. The adductor longus is the largest of these muscles. The adductor magnus is an inner thigh muscle at the center-back of the thigh. This muscle is not used very much in our normal daily activity and needs to be worked on to tighten and tone the inner thigh.

Leg Raises for Calf Muscles

Leg-raise exercises also help to develop the calf muscles. The calf muscles are made up of a group of three very strong muscles, the tibialis anterior, the gastrocnemius and the soleus.

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