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Cycling Exercise Fitness Workout

Bicycling Exercise Workout

Cycling is a Great Workout

Cycling is a great way to exercise and lose weight if you have knee, ankle or hip problems. Unlike walking or running, cycling isn’t a weight-bearing exercise, as the bike itself (not your bones or joints) supports your weight. Biking is becoming more and more popular as adults discover the overall health and weight loss benefits it offers. In bad weather, choose from a variety of gym bike machines, like: regular exercise bike, dual-action bike (moveable handlebars) or studio-bike (spinning).

How Cycling Helps Weight Loss

Cycling is an efficient form of sustainable cardio-aerobic exercise that burns calories relatively quickly, helping weight loss. It's also a progressive type of routine that can be made more intensive and vigorous. Increasing distance covered, or adding more hills to a route increases the calorie burning effects of a workout. Also, it helps to tone the body, primarily from the hips down, working the butt muscles, front and back thighs and lower legs.

How Often Should I Cycle For Optimum Weight Loss?

Cycle nonstop for 20 minutes on flat ground, 2 or 3 times a week for 3 to 4 weeks.

Cycle fast for 30 minutes on flat ground, and then include a couple of hills or shift into a harder gear for 5 minutes. Do this 3 times a week until you work your way up to riding comfortably for 60 minutes at a time.

Double the time one of your regular scheduled rides, probably on the weekend. Vary the speed and intensity as you ride: climb hills, ride quickly for a few minutes, and use more intensity at other times.

How To Start Cycling

Firstly become familiar with your bike by testing the gears and brakes. A general guide to gears is to use the lower gears on steeper terrain and the higher on flatter terrain. Don’t try to climb hills immediately - instead, set achievable targets. Over time, by improving the speed and intensity of your ride, you will gradually burn more calories and lose more fat.

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