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Exercise for a Healthy Heart

Here are a few important questions about exercise and how it affects cardiovascular health.

Does Exercise Prevent Heart Disease?

No. Exercising doesn't eliminate heart risk, but it does reduce it. Point is, physical inactivity is one of the major modifiable risk factors for heart attacks, the others being cigarette smoking, high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol.

How Much Exercise is Necessary for a Healthier Heart?

Studies show that people with a low fitness level are more likely to die prematurely than people with a moderate level of fitness. So doing moderate-level activities will help to improve your health. However, to gain optimal exercise benefits for your cardiovascular fitness, you need to exercise for 30 to 60 minutes, on most days of the week, at 50-80 percent of your maximum heart rate capacity.

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Does Exercise Help Women to Improve Heart Health, as well as Men?

Yes. In fact, health and fitness studies that have included women show that physically fit women experience even further reduced rates of death from heart disease than men. For example, women who don't take exercise have twice the chance of dying from heart disease as women who do exercise.

How Does Exercise Help Improve Heart Health?

During exercise, the blood vessels that feed the heart open wider and the concentration of cholestrol within the blood decreases. Cardiovascular exercise gets the heart beating faster, which strengthens it's ability to supply oxygen-rich blood to the rest of the organs and body. Exercise also helps to reduce the effects of fat deposits within the arteries and blood vessels - deposits that can trigger a heart attack or stroke.

Is Exercise Helpful After a Heart Attack?

Exercise is important for recovery from heart problems and helps reduce the risk of another heart attack. But first, ask your doctor about how and when to start - some hospitals and community centres also have programs to help heart patients become active again.

Fitness Warning!
If you are unfit, or have a medical condition, always ask your doctor's advice before embarking on any program of exercise.

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