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Jogging Exercise Fitness Workout

Jogging Exercise Workout

What is Jogging?

Jogging is simply slowed-down running. There is less risk of injury with jogging than running, but it still provides a good aerobic workout. The aim is to gradually increase distance rather than speed when jogging. In one weight loss study of women who jogged recreationally, those that jogged the most miles per week had the narrowest waists and hips, regardless of how fast they ran.

How Does Jogging Help Weight Loss?

Jogging burns calories and uses up stored body fat. It also raises our metabolic rate even after exercise. According to one weight loss study, the resting metabolic rate of middle-aged female runners stayed steady as they grew older, while sedentary women gained weight and body fat as their resting metabolisms slowed. Over a long period of time, older runners burn up to 600 additional calories per week, even at rest.

How Many Calories Does Jogging Burn?

Jogging burns about 105 calories per mile. [This is based on a 150-pound woman. If you weigh more, you’ll burn extra calories; if you weigh less, you’ll burn fewer calories.]

How Often Should I Jog For Optimum Weight Loss?

20 minutes a day alternate jogging and fast walking, 4 days a week.

40 minutes jogging, 4 days a week.

60 minutes jogging, 5 times a week, not to exceed 30 miles per week. Beyond 30 miles, there is really no extra benefit and your risk of injury increases.

How To Start Jogging

Unless you are already fit, slowly work up to jogging. Start by walking, then gradually increase to jogging pace. When you are ready for more, run longer and not faster. To be sure that you are exercising hard enough (but not too hard), monitor your heart rate as you jog by using a heart rate monitor.

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