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Knee Exercise Fitness Workout

Knee Exercise Workout

Knee Joint Prone to Injury

The knee is one of most injury-prone body parts. Fact is, the knee joint - although so useful in permitting a range of movements - is very easily injured. Even climbing a few stairs puts huge pressure on your knee joints. No wonder nearly 50 million Americans incur knee problems, either from everyday useage or fitness-workout injuries. And long-term, at least 10 percent of people develop arthritis of the knee with stiffness, pain, as well as difficulty kneeling, climbing stairs and getting out of chairs.

Knee-Strengthening Fitness Workouts

Because knee-joints are so important for cardio-aerobic exercise as well as strength-training, it is particularly important for people to include knee-strengthening workouts as part of their overall fitness program. Good exercise routines to strengthen the muscles around the knees and build up endurance include non weight-bearing routines like: swimming, cycling and rowing. These and other gentle warm-up exercises can reduce knee injuries by up to 50 percent.

Exercise Routine to Strengthen Knee Joints and Muscles

A basic knee-friendly routine might go like this:

  • Jog forwards gently for 10 yards (no more). Repeat twice.
  • Jog backwards gently for 10 yards. Repeat twice.
  • Walk forwards slowly for 10 yards. Repeat twice.
  • Walk backwards slowly for 10 yards. Repeat twice.
  • Do Foward Lunge. (see below). Repeat four times.

Forward Lunge to Strengthen Knee Muscles

  • Stand with feet hip-width apart. Move your left leg back a few feet and pick up your rear heel. Tilt your pelvis slightly forward. Keep toes facing forward and weight balanced on both feet.
  • Bend your right knee, while keeping your upper body straight. Keep your torso upright and your abs pulled in to support your spine. Hold for a couple of seconds. (Note: if necessary, hold onto a chair for extra support).
  • Come back up.
  • Switch legs and repeat.

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