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Leg Exercise Fitness Workout

Leg Exercise Workout

What Are the Leg Muscles?

The thighs and legs include some of the biggest and strongest muscles in the body. These include (1) The front thigh muscles - the Quadriceps or Quads (2) The back thigh muscles - Hamstrings (3) the inner thigh muscles - the Adductors (4) the outer thigh muscles - Abductors (5) the calf muscles - the Gastrocnemius.

Benefits of Leg Exercises

Leg muscles support body weight when doing most activities, like walking, running and jogging. Building the leg muscles will strengthen the body and build endurance. Because the leg muscles are the largest in the body, building these muscles raises the metabolism. A raised metabolism means the body burns more calories even when resting and so benefits weight loss.

What Leg Exercises Are Best?

All aerobic exercises improve leg muscles. Aerobic activities like walking, running, jogging, skiing, tennis, football and most ball games build and tone leg muscles. Exercises like lunges, squats and leg extensions target specific muscles and should be included as part of an overall exercise workout.

Regular use of exercise machines like Treadmills, Elliptical Trainer, Crosstrainer, Stationary Bike, Recumbent Bikes and Steppers are useful for building up leg muscles.

How Often Should I Exercise My Legs?

Normal daily activity requires the use of leg muscles. Unless you are very active, 3-4 overall body workouts each week is sufficient and about 15 minutes per session doing specific leg exercises.

Benefits of Crosstraining and Circuit Training

To avoid over-straining or pulling muscles in the thighs and calf, include some cross-training or circuit training in your exercise program.

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