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Tennis Exercise Fitness Workout

Tennis Workout

Tennis - A Great Recreational Fitness Workout

Playing tennis combines social activity, fun, exercise workout and fat burning experience all in one. As a competitive, fun sport, it provides great motivation to workout and maintain fitness. It's a total body workout, and the different tennis-strokes (forehand, backhand, overhead smash, service etc.) used on court, exercise a wide range of muscles in the upper and lower body. A tennis match, whether singles or doubles, raises the heart rate and helps burn a reasonably high level of calories. However, tennis is a weight-bearing activity, so it's especially important to warm up and cool down to reduce the risk of muscle strain and joint stress.

How Many Calories Does Tennis Burn?

60 minutes burns about 480 calories in a highly competitive match. [This is based on a 150-pound woman. If you weigh more, you’ll burn extra calories; if you weigh less, you’ll burn fewer calories.]

How Does Tennis Help Weight Loss?

Tennis is an aerobic exercise and therefore burns body fat at a relatively high pace. The more competitively you play, the more energy you expend and calories you burn. Tennis also tones the butt, front of the thighs, hamstring and calf muscles.

How Often to Play Tennis For Optimum Weight Loss?

Start with 30 minutes of non-competitive play against a partner of equal or greater ability, or 45 minutes of doubles..

45 minutes of competitive play.

90 minutes of tournament-type play.

How To Start

If you have never played tennis, or only played some years ago, start by taking a few lessons. It’s useful to learn the correct techniques at the beginning, to avoid bad habits later. Generally clay courts are easier to play on than grass courts. Alternatively, play indoor in the beginning, so you are not distracted by sun or wind.

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