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Weights: Build and Develop Muscles

Weights: Muscle and Fitness

Exercise to Get Fit and Build Muscles

Lifting weights as a workout (eg. dumbells, barbells and other freeweights) is good for resistance training, fitness and muscle building. It helps to develop muscles in all areas of the body, but particularly in the upper body.

Weights: Muscle Development

Weight-workouts are useful for bodybuilding and muscle-building, as they strengthen and develop all parts of the body, particularly the upper body including the arms (biceps brachii and triceps brachii); the shoulder deltoids (anterior deltoid, medial deltoid and posterior deltoid); the pecs (pectoralis major); and the abdominals (rectus abdominus and the internal and external obliques).

Weights: Fitness Benefits

Freeweight and dumbell routines help to build lean tissue, burn body fat and develop a flat belly. They also help to raise resting metabolic rate.

Weights Workouts: Calories Burned

Fitness workouts involving Weights like dumbells burn a high number of calories. When combined with a calorie-controlled eating program, they help us to reduce weight and maintain a healthy body-fat percentage.

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