Nutrition and Energy in Candy and Chocolate
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Nutritional Value of Candy and Chocolate

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Diet Nutrients, Micronutrients in Candy/Chocolate

Food Nutrition in Candy and Chocolate

Chocolate is high in fat - about 30 percent by weight - and high in energy. Chocolate is also thought to increase serotonim and endorphin levels in the brain which improves mood. However, it is not a useful source of nutrition and as a calorie-dense food over-consumption may cause weight gain or even obesity. In addition, the caffeine in chocolate may trigger migraine attacks.

Energy in Candies And Chocolates

Milk chocolate or regular candy contains about 520 calories per 100 grams (3.5 oz).

Nutrients in Candy And Chocolate

Chocolate and candy contain useful amounts of protein, large amounts of fat and some carbohydrate.

Vitamins in Candy And Chocolate

Candy bars may contain B Vitamins.

Minerals in Candy And Chocolate

Dark chocolate is a good source of iron and magnesium, while regular milk chocolate only contains a few B Vitamins.

Glycemic Index (GI) Value For Candy And Chocolate

Due to its high fat content and low carb content, the GI value of chocolate is low.

Most Nutritious Types of Candies And Chocolates

Dark chocolate is a healthier alternative to regular milk chocolate, although we do not recommend candy or chocolate as a nutritious element in any healthy eating plan.

Nutrition in Candies and Chocolates

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Almond Mars Bar
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Cadbury's Flake
Candy Bar
Candy Cane
Candy Corn
Carob Chocolate
Carob Mints
Chocolate Bars
Chocolate Candy
Chocolate Coated Donuts
Chocolate Flavor Drink
Chocolate Fudge
Chocolate Fudge Nuts
Chocolate Jots
Chocolate Malted Drink
Chocolate Mousse
Chocolate Peanut Butter
Chocolate Pudding
Chocolate Rennin
Chocolate Shake
Chocolate Syrup
Chocolate Wafers
Chocolate Yogurt
Cotton Candy
Diabetic Chocolate Bar
Diabetic Chocolate Caramels
Diabetic Gummy Bears
Diabetic Hard Candy
Ferrero Rocher Chocolates
Fruit Chews
Fruit Leather
Gum Drops
Gummy Bears
Hard Candy
Jelly Beans
Kit Kat
Kit Kat Bites
Lemon Drops
Mars Bar
Milk Chocolate
Milky Way
Mint Chocolate
Nesquick Chocolate
Nestle Chunky Bar
Nestle Crunch
Peanut Bar
Peanut Brittle
Peanut Butter Cups
Peanut Chocolate
Quality Street Chocolates
Reeses Candy
Roses Chocolates
Sour Balls
Starbust Chews
Terry's Chocolate Orange
Tic Tacs
Tootsie Pop
Tootsie Roll
Twizzlers Candy
Walnut Whip
York Bites
York Peppermints
Yorkie Chocolate Bar
Zero Bar

Weight Control, Exercise and Nutrition

Some people who want to lose weight make the mistake of focusing exclusively on calorie-intake and counting calories. Although keeping track of energy intake is vital, energy expenditure is also important. So too is diet nutrition, because when we maintain a healthy body and metabolism, we burn calories faster. In short, if you want to lose weight, make sure you eat a healthy diet in order to obtain all your necessary nutrients.

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