Nutrition and Energy in Cheese
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Nutritional Value of Cheese

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Diet Nutrients, Micronutrients in Cheese

Food Nutrition in Cheese

Cheese is a good source of protein and a rich source of calcium (to help combat osteoporosis). It is also an important source of Vitamin B12 for vegetarians. However, pound for pound, cheese contains 600 percent more saturated fat than sirloin steak and should be eaten moderately. Also, cheese may trigger migraine attacks in some people.

Energy in Cheese

The calorie content of cheese can vary. Cheddar cheese (1 oz) contains about 115 calories, while Camembert (1 oz) contains about 85 calories.

Nutrients in Cheese

Cheese contains almost no carbohydrate, 20-30 percent protein and about 30-40 percent fat.

Vitamins in Cheese

100 grams of cheddar cheese supplies half our daily Vitamin A needs, most of our Vitamin B12 needs and 20 percent of our folate needs.

Minerals in Cheese

100 grams of cheddar cheese supplies all our daily calcium needs, nearly 50 percent of our zinc needs, 25 percent of our iodine requirements and 20 percent of our selenium needs.

Glycemic Index (GI) Value For Cheese

Due to its high fat and low carb content, cheese has a low GI value.

Most Nutritious Types of Cheese

The healthiest types of cheese are those with a lower fat content. In general, the harder the cheese the higher the fat content, with the exception of cream cheese which has a very high fat content. Ideally choose cottage cheese or curd cheese.

Nutrition in Types of Cheese

American Cheddar
Blue Cheese
Caraway Cheese
Cheddar Cheese
Cheddar, Non-Fat
Cheese Fondue
Cheese String
Colby Cheese
Colby-Jack Cheese
Cottage Cheese, Nutrition
Cottage Cheese
Cottage Cheese, w.Fruit
Cottage Cheese, Low Fat
Cottage Cheese, Fat Free
Cracker Barrel Cheese
Cream Cheese Nutrition
Cream Cheese
Cream Cheese, Fat Free
Feta Cheese
French Cheese
Frijoles Cheese
Gjetost Cheese
Goats Cheese
Goat's Cheese, Hard
Goat's Cheese, Soft
Heartbeat Fat-Free Cheese
Kraft Cheese Singles
Kraft Cheese Spread
Laughing Cow Cheese
Low-Fat Cheddar
Low-Fat Cream Cheese
Low-Fat Monterey Cheese
Low-Fat Muenster Cheese
Muenster Cheese
Parmesan Cheese, Fat Free
Philadelphia Cheese
Pizza Cheese
Quark Cheese
Skimmed Quark Cheese
Queso Anejo Cheese
Queso Asadero Cheese
Queso Chihuahua Cheese
Smartbeat Cheese Slices
Soybean Curd Cheese
Swiss Cheese
Swiss Cheese, Low Fat
Tilsit Cheese
Tofutti Cheese
Weight Watchers Cheese
Wensleydale Cheese

Weight Control, Exercise and Nutrition

Some people who want to lose weight make the mistake of focusing exclusively on calorie-intake and counting calories. Although keeping track of energy intake is vital, energy expenditure is also important. So too is diet nutrition, because when we maintain a healthy body and metabolism, we burn calories faster. In short, if you want to lose weight, make sure you eat a healthy diet in order to obtain all your necessary nutrients.

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