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Flat Stomach from Gardening

Exercise to Develop a Flat Belly

Gardening is a reasonable way to develop a flat stomach. Because gardening burns calories, it helps to create a calorie deficit which forces the body to burn fat - including stomach fat.

Gardening Burns Abdominal Fat

About 10 minutes of gardening burns about 57 calories. In one year, this daily exercise routine burns a total of 20,805 calories per year - about 5.9 pounds of body fat. A significant proportion of this fat tissue is likely to be belly fat. In addition, many exercise routines improve abdominal muscle tone in the waistline area (the "six-pack" effect) to give the appearance of a flat stomach.

Belly Fat is Bad for Health

A daily gardening exercise-plan helps you to develop a flat stomach and improves your health. This is because visceral fat is linked to higher risk of serious illness.

Gardening, Flat Stomach and Diet

In order to develop a flat belly as fast as possible by gardening, it's important to follow a healthy diet, containing an adequate supply of nutrition, vitamins and minerals. Remember: a healthy body loses stomach fat faster.

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