Calorie and Energy Values For Mexican Food

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Caloric Values For Mexican Food
Calories in Mexican Food

The calorie content of Mexican cooking varies enormously. The same dish can have between 400 and 700 calories depending on sauces and add-ons used. For specific details of the calorie and energy content of different types of Mexican-style meals and foods, click below.

Baked Taco Shells
Bean Dip
Beef and Cheese Chimichanga
Beef Chimichanga
Beef Tamales
Burrito with Beans
Burrito with Beans and Cheese
Burrito with Beans and Chili Peppers
Burrito with Beans and Meat
Cheese Enchilada
Chicken Fajita
Chicken Quesadilla
Chicken Taco
Chicken Tamales
Chili Beans
Chili Con Carne
Chimichanga Platter
Corn Tortillas
Fajita Sauce
Flour Tortilla
Green Sauce
Low-Fat Refried Beans
Mexican Chicken Wrap
Mexican Pizza
Mexican Rice
Nacho with Cheese Sauce
Refried Beans
Soft Bean Burrito
Soft Chicken Burrito
Steak Fajita
Taco, Nutrition
Taco Bell
Taco Burger
Taco Salad
Taco Shells
Taco Supreme
Taco Tortilla Chips
Tostada with Beef and Cheese
Tostada with Guacamole
Vegetarian Chili
Vegetarian Fajita
Veggie Wrap

Energy Content of Mexican-Style Meals and Dishes

If you need to reduce weight, Mexican cooking is not a good food option for a healthy weight loss diet, as it has a high calorie-content. In general, calorie-controlled diets recommend a low intake of Mexican-style meals. In addition to energy content, dietary nutrition is also important, as a nutritious diet helps the body to burn calories faster and maintains a healthy metabolism. Thus as well as calorie-counting, check food labels for nutritional value. Nutritional and energy values provided on most of the above food pages include: vitamins, minerals, folate and dietary fiber, as well as protein and carbs. Learning about dietary nutrition makes calorie control and weight management easier and helps you to follow a healthy eating plan. See also Nutrition in Mexican Food
How To Reduce Dietary Calorie Intake

If you want to save calories, the best way to lower energy intake is to choose Mexican-style meals and snacks with a lower fat content. Also, remember that any physical exercise workout helps to increase your calorie deficit and thus allows you to eat higher-calorie Mexican food with less risk of gaining weight.

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