Calories Burned by Jogging

How Many Calories Do You Burn When You Jog
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Calories Burned by Jogging
Calories Burned – Jogging
How Many Calories Burned by Jogging

Jogging burns about 105 calories* per mile.
Jogging and Fitness

Jogging is not only an effective way to burn extra calories and boost weight loss, it also raises heart and lung efficiency and reduces the risk of osteoporosis in later life. You can jog outdoors or on an indoor treadmill.
Jogging Fitness Workouts

Start by walking for 15 minutes, then jogging for 5 minutes. Increase this over a period of weeks until you can manage to jog for 20 minutes a day comfortably. Then aim for 20-40 minutes per session.

Jogging and Fat Loss

Fitness experts do not advise jogging in excess of 60 minutes per session as the body may start to produce a hormone called cortisol. Since cortisol breaks down existing muscle for energy, you may experience a reduction in lean muscle mass, which may slow down weight loss.

* Calories burned by 150-pound woman. If you weigh less, you’ll burn less calories. If you weigh more, you’ll burn more calories.
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