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Diet Pills for Teenagers
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Diet Pills for Teenagers
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Diet Pills for Teenagers
Xenical Diet Pills Approved for Teenagers

The prescription diet pill Xenical was approved by the US government in Dec 2003 for use as a weight loss drug to reduce obesity in teenagers and adolescents.
How Helpful are Xenical Diet Pills for Obese Teenagers

Xenical is a lipase-inhibitor. It works in the gut by preventing about one-third of dietary fat from being digested by the obese teenager. By preventing the fat from being digested, it is eliminated in bowel movements. Side effects of eating fat while taking Xenical include diarrhea, flatulence and oily leakage. These side effects of Xenical can be reduced in obese teenagers by reducing their fat intake.

Use of Meridia Appetite Suppressants for Teenagers

Meridia is a prescription drug that works as an appetite suppressant and is being studied for use by obese teenagers/adolescents. Meridia weight loss drugs were used in a recent study by 82 adolescents who enrolled in a behavioral weight loss program. Obese teenagers who took Meridia lost an average of 17 pounds after six months. By comparison, kids who took a placebo lost an average of seven pounds. The study was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.
What Are The Side Effects of Meridia for Teenagers

The side effects of Meridia prescription diet pills on teenagers are likely to include: headache, dry mouth, anorexia, constipation and insomnia.
Other Weight Loss Methods for Teens

As many as 150 overweight teens have undergone the most common weight loss surgery technique, gastric bypass surgery. This weight loss surgery is done in extreme cases, but the number is believed to be growing.

Includes material from Chicago Sun Times, Dec 2003

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